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12th November 2012

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You guys plz clam down, don’t jump to any conclusions for we don’t know 100% if they broke up or not.

1. Lets not blame Barbara Palvin ( don’t know much abut her , like nothing) but I  honestly think she did nothing

2. PPl on tumblr keep saying they broke up 100%, like how do u know that, give me some hardcore proof

3. They are still sitting together at the AMA’s

4. if selena isn’t at Justin’s concert she might be at Glamour….( idk what time that is but im guessing its in the evening) so lets not freak out it she doesn’t show up

5. they both seem way happier

6. Selena was spotted with the ring


I Just wanted to say if u think they broke up 100% thats ur wish but lets not jump too conclusions unless someone conforms it, cause I’m prrty sure we are killing the hearts of alot of Jelena fans by ppl assuming they broke up, without strong evidece. Lets give them some peace shall we


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